This euthanasia drug causes many adverse side-effects

This euthanasia drug causes many adverse side-effects. In general, you may feel sleepy or drowsy, confused, or even mentally depressed after using it. You may have a headache or feel dizzy. You may also experience impaired judgement. When using this drug, you will probably also feel very sedated. You may even have muscle twitching.

All of these effects are a result of the drug you have used. This drug can cause severe respiratory and circulatory problems. Serious breathing problems include difficult or slow breathing, trouble taking a deep breath, difficulty with breathing, and irregular heartbeat. It can also cause severe problems with blood pressure. The heart may not beat Euthasol properly or at all. This is usually very serious. It can even cause the person who has used the drug to have a stroke.

This medicine can cause serious side-effects. You should not use this drug to end your life unless you have a terminal illness or you are in unbearable pain that you just cannot bear. Don’t use this drug if you have any serious health conditions. Do not use this drug to end your life. It is not right to kill yourself with this. Use a different euthanasia method.

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