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Distinguish between Real or Fake | Premium Brand | Chanel Sneakers

Looking for high-quality, durable, and luxurious brand-new sneakers? Then, your search may end with Chanel Sneakers. They are well-known for their high-quality materials, unique design, and craftsmanship. Plus, they are manufactured in limited quantities, therefore are more exclusive and popular. Along with the limited availabilities, and high price tag they contribute to the status of a premium brand. Look at some of the reasons behind this status, and additionally how to identify fake and real sneakers.

Why Chanel are so expensive and Popular?

Chanel products are generally made up of high-quality materials and by craftsmen which are the best in the industry. These high-quality materials such as lambskin and caviar leathers are known as the top quality leathers. These items’ production is observed carefully and materials are also hand-cut and modeled to the fit-perfection.

The durability of the items is checked or tested prior, to ensure the durability of the items will last for years i.e, with no impact of water and heat. Along with the product the design & style too last for years. All the items are available in many sizes, materials, styles, and colors. The main purpose they have is to create some things that are simple and practical, plus luxurious.

The quality and popularity is the reason why the items are so expensive and why it is known as a premium brand. The one-time investment will last for years. You never gonna regret the decision of investing in Chanel sneakers.

What are methods to identify between real and fake Chanel Sneakers?

Many sellers, sell fake copies of the popular brand to earn profit. In name of the premium brand, they used to sell low-quality items. They’re some of the methods to identify the real or fake one. Have a look at them.

  • Style Number
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Most Chanel shoes have a style number printed inside the shoes. By looking at the interior of the shoes, you can easily find out whether they are real or fake.

  • Brand Marking

The sign of the brand marking will be foil stamped on the item with the same color as the style number and the hardware is done. The brand marking “CHANEL”  and the interlocking CC logo are stamped together. There are only three Chanel factories in Italy, France, and Spain. Verify the “Made In” labels to make sure the location corresponds to an authorized factory. 

  • Interlocking CC Logo

Chanel shoes are often adorned with their famous interlocking “CC” logo. It is important to double-check that the logo is presented correctly–that is, make sure that the right ‘C’ overlaps the left ‘C’ at the top and the left ‘C’ overlaps the right ‘C’ at the bottom. The ‘C’s should be evenly sized throughout and have the same width. 

  • Material 

Chanel uses a variety of materials, including strong leathers like lambskin or calfskin, fabrics like satin or canvas, and less common ones like crystals, pearls, and lace. Check the materials carefully so that you can distinguish between fake and real.

These are some of the factors through which you can easily able to distinguish between real and fake Chanel sneakers. Apart from these, if looking for something else, then Bape sneakers can be considered.  You can easily style your favorite sneakers with chrome hearts clothing. They also have varieties available to choose from according to your sneaker’s design or style.

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Wrapping Up

Chanel Sneakers can seem expensive for the first time, but after being aware of the high-quality and longer-run durability, you going to love them. Just beware of the fake seller, you can go through the points mentioned above so that it’s become easier for you to identify the real one.